RYOBI Proskyer Nose Yellow

Surf Casting

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New model ProskyerNose Yellow.

This product adopted high-grade nylon add glass fiber for raw materials , import from Japan oxidation duralumin thick bail arm mutual cooperation , give full play to the advantages of high intensity .Adopted patent three gear retardment warm shaft entangled line system , fishing line will be neat closely on spool and reduce the round when the resistance . ·Adopted patent design 8 roller stainless steel one-way bearing retrogradation structure , Achieve aseamless , high-intensity precision counterturn , resistance can be a powerful moment rally . adopted high-grade stainless steel ball bearing so feel more smooth , corrosionresistant capacity . ·Precision machining large caliber duralumin spool and special brake system provide a powerful smooth friction , when draw fish ensure smooth out of the line . ·All the screws and main shaft adopted material of stainless steel , effectively ruled out due to seawater corrosion caused by rust problem, allows you relieved of use. ·Transmission gear adopt imported roller gear, precision machining of copper helix gear , so that the gear surface to achieve the best , give you silky-smooth performance and comfortable rotation . Even if the gear in a state of serious wear and tear also maintain ideal to achieve the best , significantly improve the practicality .


Model ration
Max Drag
4+1 0.40-200m 12Kg 690gr

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