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Περιγραφή Προϊόντος

With Shimano Plays 600 you can enjoy electric light game.With a line capacity of 300m for PE2 and 200m for PE3, it is a new basic model of PLAYS that supports a wide range of electric light games such as hairtail, squid, komasemadai, hairtail, flatfish, and shallow akamuts. Of course, the power and speed are enough. Features such as super free spool, easy / constant speed mode, heat free system, electric super slow winding, and shelf memo are also available. The handle knob is a round CI 4+ knob that is comfortable and easy to grip, even in winter . With a handle length of 65 mm, it can be wound comfortably with a light force even when manually wound.

  • Easy mode: Raku Raku Mode: Winds up while always maintaining a constant tension according to the load applied to the reel. Even if a large fish is caught, it is possible to exchange with the breaker difficult to raise.Constant speed mode: Regardless of the load applied to the reel, it maintains a constant speed and winds up
  • Super free spool : When the clutch is disengaged, only two bearings support the spool, and a system that minimizes spool-free performance.
  • S A-RB : The A-RB is the industry's first "surface modification" to form a "passivation layer" and realize a bearing that keeps rust away. Furthermore, SA-RB has its sides sealed with a rust preventive material to significantly reduce salt shavings due to salt recrystallization inside the bearing.
  • Seawater OK : Shimano's unique high-performance bearings that keep rust away, S A-RB, A-RB, and the antiseptic treatment of the exterior make it safe to use even in sea fishing. We recommend washing in the shower after use so that you can use it comfortably for a long time.
  • Quick return clutch: With one thumb holding the rod, you can switch the clutch ON / OFF with one touch. Frequently repeated tana removal and bottom tracing will be smooth and will not be a pain. In addition, since the clutch can be switched instantly, you can fight lightly without missing the timing of the awase
  • Electric Super Slow Winding 
  • Shelf Memo
  • Bottom Mode
  • Carbon Washer


Model Weight Ratio Line Capacity Line Ret. Max Brake Max Force
600 470gr 5.5:1 PE2-300m 155m/min 5Kg 15Kg

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